mattz life - life unabridged and uncensored 

mattz life - life unabridged and uncensored

[Name] Ishida Yamato (Matt)
[Age] 18
[School] Working on it
[Grade] Should be 12th
[Birthday] December 12, Dad's December 21 (odd)
[Height] I think close to 6 something
[Religion] Dogmatic Christianity

[Best Friend] I have my friend Ken, Sora, Izzy and Max and more
[Loudest] Ken but that's a good thing
[Quietest] Shane, he's so kawaii though
[Known Longest] Chad but Shane is almost a tie
[Known Shortest] Sora
[Weirdest] Max to be honest
[Most Annoying] No one annoys me, although sometimes I think they try! LOL
[Cutest] I would have to say the most kawaii is Shane
[Nicest] I think all of them fit that one
[Sweetest] Shane...uhhh again

[Color] Blue, Azure Blue to be more specific
[Food] Ramen Noodles...Flavor? You mean there's flavor?!
[Music] Jpop
[Movie] Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
[Song] globe - Can't Stop Falling In Love (at least right now it is)
[Show] Umm...Sliders was my favorite till they changed
[Cartoon] Digimon, Beyblade, Simpsons
[Anime] Digimon, Naruto and lots more
[Activity] Being with my friends (period)
[Video Game] Resident Evil and more....lots more
[Online Activity] Updating my blogs, boards and chatting

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