Friends, Family & Readers 

Friends, Family & Readers

To my friends, family and readers,

I have moved on to a better place now. No not dead! Man you all have this obsession with that idea huh? Anyways, I will not be updating this blog anymore, it's for the better for me and you.

Why? Cuz I said so.

I will prolly end up saving all my blog entries from all my blogs on CD in case they go down.

Anyways, here's where I will be found Click here

For those that don't...sorry to of lost you.

Later days,

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 12:52 am MST by Lakers Tickets


Wed Jul 7, 2004 4:46 pm MST by government grants

Comment Since I don't want to log in and edit I will post this here, I'm looking forward to reading your comments in the new blog, friends one and all. Enemies, you too can comment :)

Sat Aug 9, 2003 8:18 pm MST by Fox Tyke

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