The Past, The Now 

The Past, The Now

Ever done something in the past that a lot of people know about and still talk about but yet you never get attributed to it and that's for the best? Well that's kind of my life, especially since I saw a few of my ummm...actions being discussed by professionals. It's nice to know they're still talking of the impact I had, nice to know they don't attribute it to me too. I don't need that kind of credit in my life.

Okay anyways, off that trip before I get myself into something I can't get out of. Man do I miss Tai and Ken, I never would of thought I'd be able to miss anyone as much as I miss Tai right now. I mean yeah I miss Ken but hey this is different levels we're talking about. I can't stop thinking about him during the day or during the night anymore.

I've tried everything but I can't stop thinking of him, must mean I love him more than even I ever grasped. I mean he is a major facet in my life and has been one for a long time, even before I found out he felt the same. You know I said once that a part of me died that one day, this was true a part of me did die. The part that was keeping me from feeling things and trusting people. The part that I couldn't get rid of even when I tried my best, it took an action by my friends to kill it.

For that I'm still thankful...still owe them one...for helping that is.

Later days,

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Wed Jul 7, 2004 4:46 pm MST by casinos advice

Comment Trust me I know what it is like to miss those you care about but like i keep saying hopfully this is for the best and for the past I suppose it is in the past but I think I may have told you all this before but nothing wrong with letting you know I am your friend

Sat Jul 26, 2003 6:36 pm MST by Sora

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