Take me back, Smiling Faces 

Take me back, Smiling Faces

I guess my youth is almost up, but hey everytime I act young I feel young. Maybe that's what can explain my immaturity?

Anyways today I got to talk with my old friend Matt again, he seemed worried today. He has been having some problems lately that I've tried and am trying to help him with, yet I know I can't do much. I mean the most I can do is tell him I'm there for him and will support him no matter what he does and give him the occasional friendly hug.

Today I thought about my life and what I've done so far and you know what I concluded? I ain't done yet, if god were to take me now, I'd straight up say "Put me back, I ain't finished." Then again if he were to take me now I don't think I'd have much say in the matter would I? I would try though, I would try my best to show that I've not done what I aimed to do. You know, convince him that my time has not yet passed.

Oh boy, this non smoking and non cussing thing is hard, let me tell you. I've went two days without smoking and cussing and it's darned near drove me mad. But in all seriousness, it's for the better good of my being. Geez. I think I've read a lot of self help books that've been influencing me.

I think I should explain my opening statement now, since I kind of totally avoided it in the above paragraphs. I got a chance to play with the neighbor kids earlier, actually about 15 minutes ago I came in.

We played games like tag and base, which by the way if anyone knows what that is you probably live by me. We ended up tickling and tackling each other so much they skinned their knees on the sidewalk. I was considerate in tag, I didn't run much when I was it, I let them do all the running for me.

You know when you're playing with kids and having fun, an odd effect goes off. You don't remember your problems, worries or troubles...you just have fun and smile. You don't care about what needs to be done in the morning, don't remember things in the past and don't think of yourself, you just know to smile and have fun. It's what I'll dub the I.K.F.A. Effect or the Inner Kid Forget All Effect, the only effect you don't realize is happening or has happened until it's over.

Later days,

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Wed Jul 7, 2004 4:46 pm MST by casino access

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